A data project So I have a job that runs every hour and scrapes the HFD incident page so that I can capture all the HFD 911 calls. The job has been running since May 6, 2022. To be honest, I haven’t seen any real obvious patterns, at least geographically. Part of the problem is the resolution. The data is located on the Keymap grid, which are 1x1 mile squares covering the whole area.

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Making Contour Maps in R

Notes on how to make contour maps in R As a retired Geophysicist, I spent a career making contour maps. I have found it to be challenging to make good contour maps in R, and so as part of my own learning process, I have documented the necessary steps in hopes that this may help others involved in the same struggles. Ultimately I want to create filled contours that represent a surface, based on some random collection of input points, and display those contours on top of a detailed basemap, such as OpenStreetMap.

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