Harris County COVID-19 data I have a very nice (I hope) dataset consisting of number of positive COVID-19 cases per day in Harris county by zipcode. In this blog entry I would like to study this dataset and look at comparisons with various other data. Initial look First off, let’s explore the data for issues, and for ideas about what might be interesting.

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Miscellaneous analyses related to the Covid-19 pandemic After reading the paper this morning about a county nearby (Houston county) with zero reported cases, I got curious. What does the distribution of test coverage look like, i.e., number of tests per capita? And also, what is the rate of tests that come back positive? So let’s look at the data. We can now grab an excel spreadsheet from the state that gives number of tests per county.

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Prisons and their effects on the surrounding community It is becoming clear that prisons, meat-packing plants, and nursing homes all resemble cruise ships in terms of providing a fertile environment for rapid spread of the virus. Unlike cruise ships, none of these are isolated from their surrounding communities - staff enter and leave on a daily basis, potentially spreading the virus nearby. There are a few counties that have “specialized” in hosting prisons, to the extent that a large fraction of the county population is inmates.

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