Let’s take a look at the early voting data for Harris County Since I already have a bunch of data for Harris county precincts and zipcodes, why not make some use of it? path <- "/home/ajackson/Dropbox/Rprojects/Voting/" BBM <- read_csv(paste0(path, "Cumulative_BBM_1120.csv"), col_types = "ccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccc") BBM <- BBM %>% mutate(ActivityDate=mdy_hms(ActivityDate)) %>% mutate(ActivityDate=force_tz(ActivityDate, tzone = "US/Central")) %>% select(ElectionCode:ActivityDate) %>% mutate(Ballot_Type="Mail") EV <- list.files(path=path, pattern="Cumulative_EV_1120_1*", full.names=TRUE) %>% map_df(~read_csv(.

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